AECSI Corporation provides quality services, products, and materials for plant sanitation and systems.

Sanitation is a high concern in a number of industries, particularly in food process related environments. This affects not only dairy products, meat, beer, wine, pet food, baked goods, and other such commodities, but includes industries not often considered for sanitation needs such as for tooth paste production and others.

Sanitation demand can crop up in equipment systems such as air scrubbers associated with not only food processing facilities, but also within non-food related industries such as metal fabricators, plate glass manufacturers, and so forth. We are prepared to provide sanitation Equipment, Products, and Services no matter what your industry or situation.

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Remote Operational Monitoring

Remote monitoring is available to your location choice or to an off-site monitoring service. Monitoring parameters are set according to your plant needs and criticality.

Laboratory Services

Lab sampling and analysis is provided based on system conditions – whether it is to research treatments or to solve issues. Testing includes the total range, from chemistries to microbiological, including Legionella testing.

Performance Evaluation & Consultation

We can evaluate your systems and make recommendations with the associated consultation. In addition, we can tailor evaluations for your facility needs and provide audits, risk assessments, and/or regulatory consultation.


Ozone Generators

Ozone can replace a number of chemical micro-biocides along with the potentially difficult handling associated with them. Ozone treatment is economical, reliable, safe, and effective. Ozone enriched water can be sprayed directly onto wetable surfaces such as floors, walls, equipment, drains, and conveyors. We fabricate and install ozone treatment systems designed to meet your facility needs.

Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Chlorine dioxide is a molecule whose time has come with the development of single chemical, efficient electrochemical generation systems that do not use chlorine or acid. This neutral pH, noncorrosive molecule is one of the most efficient biocides known with broad spectrum pH capabilities at low concentrations.

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Ultraviolet Light Equipment

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) through short wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light is an effective method of disinfection based on intensity and time of exposure (UV dose). It is a proven clean technology for excellent inactivation of bacteria, viruses, and certain parasites. We provide and install UV-C systems designed to meet your facility needs.

Chlorinators (non-gaseous)

A number of facilities may have concerns about the presence of chlorine gas on site, used as a disinfectant when injected into water. We provide safer alternatives with hypochlorite-based treatment options, including Electrochlorination, which simply uses electricity, water, and salt water to produce a solution of sodium hypochlorite. We provide and install these systems designed to meet your facility needs.


Track Lubes, Sanitizers & Cleaners

Food grade lubricants, sanitizers, and cleaners are critical in the operation and maintenance of food processing facilities and must comply with food safety and health regulations. Please discuss your treatment needs with us to see how we can meet your processing demands. For example, in our process applications within the food processing industry, we can include the feed of ozone with H1 lubricants to reduce cost and improve safety issues.