AECSI Corporation provides quality services, products, and materials for a variety of systems.

Water treatment can fall under broad categories, but the treatment of water systems specific to a facility require highly tailored treatment programs, and we are your company for that type of expertise. Our Services, Products, and Equipment are designed for steam generation systems, cooling towers with open & closed recirculating systems, and systems or processes for plant sanitation.

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Boilers are used to produce steam as an efficient form for moving energy to various end uses. The nexus between a boiler and its associated steam / condensate system is what drives a manufacturing process, electrical generation or cogeneration system, heating complex, or multiple other systems.

In these systems, the balance of chemistry is critical to prevent scaling, deposition, corrosion, fouling, and pitting. Integral to this is maintaining the proper feedwater chemistries and monitoring to maintain the proper boiler cycles of concentration to meet the system demands and keep efficiencies at their highest peak. In addition, proper steam and condensate chemistries must be maintained, and other segments such as deaerator chemistries must be monitored and maintained as well.

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Cooling towers remove waste heat to the atmosphere and can function in various configurations to achieve that object. Open and closed circuit water cooling systems can both experience corrosion, deposits, and microbial growth.

A wet cooling tower is also called an open loop, open circuit, or open recirculating system. Open circuit systems directly expose the process cooling water to the air for evaporative cooling which in turn is fed to other systems such as manufacturing processes, steam condensers, chillers, or other systems requiring treatment. If fed to a chiller, the chiller fluid itself is in a closed loop system with no direct contact to the cooling tower process water.

A closed cooling water system is called a closed loop, closed circuit, or closed recirculating system. Like the open circuit system, it also utilizes evaporative cooling; however, the closed circuit cooling tower isolates process cooling fluids from exposure to the air by means of heat exchange tubes or coils. The closed circuit process fluid is cooled from spray water directed to the tubes (internal circuit) within the cooling tower. The cooling tower cools the water through its own open circulating system.

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Sanitation for specific systems within a facility and even for overall Plant Sanitation are of a high concern in a number of industries, particularly in food process related environments. This affects not only dairy products, meat, beer, wine, pet food, baked goods, and other such commodities, but includes industries not often considered for sanitation needs such as for tooth paste production and others.

Sanitation demand can crop up in equipment systems such as air scrubbers associated with not only food processing facilities, but also within non-food related industries such as metal fabricators, plate glass manufacturers, and so forth. We are prepared to provide Unique sanitation Equipment, Products, and Services no matter what your industry or situation.

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AECSI Corporation supports the commercial side of water treatment for the corporation. Commercial facilities such as skyscrapers, medical centers, grocery stores, professional buildings, light industry, warehousing, and much more, may require various types of water treatment. Water softeners, large commercial water heaters or small boilers, RO (Reverse Osmosis) units, filters, activated carbon units, and other equipment can be a part of the treatment regimen, depending upon the requirements of the commercial entity. We can supply all that is needed for Commercial Water Treatment.

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No matter what treatment program you choose, we provide products, equipment, information, and training on the sanitation systems and how to use and optimize the treatments to save resources through becoming more green in water treatment applications.

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