The AECSI Water corporate model is built on total quality and total service with operational core values in high ethical standards, relationships, and safety. We design industrial and sizeable commercial water treatment packages to essentially aim at “green” operations on your site — to minimize chemical usage, save resources, reduce cost, and apply effective treatments, and to do so through outstanding service presence, as determined by your needs.

R. O. Water Treatment Unit


We are a service company that develops water treatment programs and systems that often require chemical applications. We provide service, advice, and products to keep the chemistry in balance for your cooling towers, boilers, chillers, and other systems. More than that, we have the facilities to engineer and produce equipment, replete with tanks, piping, pumps, and automated controls, all designed to your treatment needs.

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Diversified Industrial Applications


No matter where the application, our goal is to improve existing treatments to provide safer, more economical alternatives. We provide service with excellence, and a few examples of the applied categories are: food processing, glass manufacturing, oil & gas industry, poultry processing, hog production, tool manufacturing, animal feed processing, commercial and state building systems, breweries, dairies, and more.

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Biofuel Boiler System


Water treatment can fall under broad categories, but the treatment of water systems specific to a facility requires highly tailored treatment programs, and we are your company for that expertise. Our Services, Products, and Equipment are designed for steam generation systems, cooling towers with open & closed recirculating systems, and systems or processes for plant sanitation.

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Quality permeates through our core services where we provide Treatment Products and Equipment designed and assembled for your service needs. We can provide testing and monitoring services, including on and off-site treatment monitoring capabilities. Quality is evidenced in the time spent with you, the customer, as well as in our treatment products and masterfully assembled platforms that can be created for your water treatment needs.

We design water treatment service systems for your existing equipment system requirements.


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