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We created 7 video clips for re-assembling and testing the Pulsafeeder Pump after cleaning the head parts (see photo). Prior to the instructional video clips, the pump head was dismantled and all the header parts (screws, washers, diaphragm, header, and valves, etc.) removed / dismantled and soaked in a light soapy solution of warm water, gently cleaned, then thoroughly rinsed. Please take proper safety precautions by wearing OSHA prescribed eye protection and include protective hand-wear during the cleaning process. The reassembling and testing processes are broken out into video clip sections to allow for easy viewing of each instructional segment, allowing for the discovery and replacement of faulty parts.

Video 1, Introduction – gives an overview of the process, and concludes showing that the pump is tagged with the Date, “Cleaned & Tested,” and Replaced Parts.

Video 2 – Shows how to test the cleaned and assembled Suction Valve. The valve fails to function properly.

Video 3 – The suction valve is replaced with a new valve and tested, then passes.

Video 4 – Shows how to test the cleaned and assembled Discharge Valve. The valve passes.

Video 5 – Demonstrates the process of reassembling the cleaned head plate and components to the pump. Emphasis is given at the end to tagging the pump with the Date, “Cleaned & Tested” (what was done on the pump), and the Replaced Parts.

Video 6 – Shows how to do a pressure test with the pump to determine whether the assembled head is holding pressure. The Bleed Valve fails to hold pressure.

Video 7 – Conclusion: The bleed valve is replaced and the assembly is once again pressure tested. The pressure holds, and the test passes.


We thank NAD (North American Dioxide) concerning input on various aspects industrial water treatment in the development of this website. We also greatly appreciated the boost NAD provided in moving us more to a green mentality, such that we adopted that as our initiative in the state of Texas.


A very special thanks goes to Missouri Valley Environmental, a division of Ozark International, Inc. The company has been in the water treatment business since 1979 with industrial water treatment and other water technology initiatives. Missouri Valley Environmental has teamed up with AECSI Water to provide extended expertise in Industrial Water Treatment. The company has a record of consistently providing high quality industrial products and services for cooling towers & chiller units, boilers, process water, and wastewater treatment. In addition it designs and produces assemblies of industrial sized softeners, filters, ozone generators, electrodeionization, and reverse osmosis equipment. The company blends chemicals but also strives to reduce reliance on chemical treatments in order to reduce customer costs. Because of our strong relationship with the company, we model our industrial work after Missouri Valley Environmental. Their personnel have participated with AECSI Water in design and installation work and have provided guidance for the highest quality available in specifications for RO units and other equipment.

Another special thanks goes to our web developer, Anderson Technologies (, for working closely with us and designing the site to our specifications, and for making the whole process productive.

Because we are based in Texas and focused on developing excellent customer relationships in Texas, we wanted our website to also focus on Texas. We were pleased to find a video clip of a waterfall located in one of our Texas state parks: Gorman Falls in Colorado Bend State Park, produced by Photo Fly Boy. Credits were not required, but we were impressed enough that we freely want to give credit to for its excellent work in producing the video used on our home page.

The link to the Texas Parks and Wildlife site for Colorado Bend State Park is:


Cooling Tower Institute (CTI)

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

Association of Water Technologies (AWT)

National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI)